Robert M. Rosales, EMBA, MAPP

Positive Leadership Champion

This is My Story

For 25 years, Robert was a senior manager with some of the most prestigious private banks in Geneva, New York, Zurich, and Panama. But while he had a successful career with all the trappings of corporate success, Robert felt something was missing.

Robert noted the high price many had paid in the pursuit of their careers. He began what would become a lifelong pursuit trying to understand and improve the extensive disconnect and discontent in the workplace.

As Robert’s career progressed into senior management, he focused on learning the keys to being a more effective leader. In 2012, he read Learned Optimism by Dr. Martin Seligman and had a breakthrough moment – Robert realized that transformation was most needed in highly hierarchical, command-and-control corporate cultures. Robert knew he could be a change maker and help enable this transformation.

In June 2014, leveraging his years of leadership and study, Robert became one of the first 400 people in the world to receive his Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania under Dr. Martin Seligman. That’s where he had the privilege to learn from the best in the field and to test his ideas for developing positive organizational cultures and flourishing businesses.

Today, Robert not only believes that work and well-being can coexist; he also understands the principles and practices to make it happen.

In 2015, Robert founded LEAD Academy, a business consultancy that advises clients on evidence-based positive workplace practices that support performance and people in organizations. Although in its early days, LEAD Academy has already collaborated with Fortune 100 clients. Robert is dedicated to developing the positive leadership skills that are required to address the organizational needs of our time.

Robert’s daughter Eleonor is currently pursuing a Master of Science at the Institute of Work and Organizational Psychology of the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland – making Robert both proud and hopeful for the future of organizational well-being.

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