Wellbeing: A Growing Global Movement

Many professionals in positive psychology and the social sciences are on a mission to increase global wellbeing and fulfill the directive by Martin Seligman, “the founding father of positive psychology”, to have 51% of the world’s population flourishing by 2051.
Numerous positive psychology initiatives are under across many domains. For example:

  • In Education, educators have advanced programs to develop character in children—which has been shown to increase self-efficacy, civic engagement and voter turnout, higher income and more productive contributions to society, overall wellbeing, and academic performance.
  • In healthcare, programs have been developed to teach optimism, resilience, and wellbeing. A more optimistic explanatory style has been linked to better immune system function, as well as a reduction in hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Businesses are moving from “old style” leadership to positive leadership approaches that embrace the latest research. For the first time ever, positive organizations embrace concepts like humility, servant leadership, positive communication, positive contexts, and positive relationships. These, and other research based approaches, are changing corporate culture by increasing purpose, meaning, employee engagement, positive emotion, productivity, and innovation.
  • In governments, wellbeing and positive psychology research have significantly influenced policies worldwide. In fact, the United Nations placed “happiness” on the global development agenda in July 2011.  More than 40 countries now measure Gross National Happiness (GNH) alongside better-known economic indicators like GDP.  Measuring GNH has begun to change the way that nations focus on, and distribute resources for, wellbeing initiatives.   

Positive Voices: Our Role in Wellbeing

Positive Voices has an ambitious plan to help improve global wellbeing by providing practical, science based advice to a large online audience. We bring high-quality free and paid content from leading experts and top names in positive psychology and related fields, delivered through online courses, podcasts, blogs, worksheets, videos and social media.  Positive Voices is also rolling out live events and access to world-class positive psychology coaching.

Positive Voices is a benefit corporation.  As such, Positive Voices is committed to supporting projects that increase global wellbeing via grants and partnerships.

Be sure to check back soon as we will be announcing a blockbuster leading expert in positive psychology that will bring his voice to positive voices.

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