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All of us – no matter who we are – can do a little better. Maybe you feel you aren’t living up to your potential, sticking to your goals or developing good habits. Or perhaps your relationships aren’t thriving. Or maybe you feel like you are going through the motions at work.  Whatever it is, the science of positive psychology can help by providing practical strategies and tactics that increase happiness and transform lives. Positive Voices® brings this knowledge right from the source: the leading experts in the science of wellbeing.

We bring the experts to you. Whether it’s one of our short videos, worksheets, webinars or online courses, Positive Voices® will help you translate the theory into action. We help you understand the tactics, and tell you exactly how to put it into practice. You can dive in headfirst or you can start taking baby steps. Apply what science is telling us, hearing it right from the mouths of leaders in positive psychology and other social sciences.

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What comes with the Changemaker Community?

  • Live interviews with leading experts, changemakers, & positive heroes.
  • Engage in powerful discussions in the Changemaker Community Meetings & Facebook group.
  • Connect with other passionate people like you who will help you achieve your goals.

Psychology of Flourishing

Move Beyond Mainstream Motivational Advice By Discovering The Most Powerful Evidence-Based Practices That Upgrade Your Mindset To Achieve Your Best Life

  • Learn what keeps you from living your best life.
  • Understand how to enhance your belief patterns to improve how you perform.
  • Learn how to “win the argument” against your doubts and develop unshakeable confidence.
  • Increase your happiness using the power of science.
  • Learn the strategies to unlock joy and love in your life.
  • Find what is uniquely strong about you and how to harness your strengths.

Positive Conversations

We believe in the power of conversation in sparking ideas and inspiring positive change within ourselves and within our world.

Albert Bandura

Psychology legend, social learning theory developer, and self-efficacy expert

Dr. Bandura shares some of his tips for building self-efficacy.

Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness

Lewis, who was recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30, speaks to us about the importance of having a clear direction and eliminating distractions to keep your energy.

Ellen Langer

Leading mindfulness expert and author

Ellen has been called the mother of mindfulness and is a living legend. Tune in for tips.

Kevin Bacon

Actor, musician, and founder of Six

Kevin shares how small acts of kindness really count.

Martin Seligman

Founder of Positive Psychology 

Marty shares that we can choose happiness and become more optimistic.

Dacher Keltner

Emotion Expert, Professor, Author, and Disney “Inside Out” Consultant 

Dacher Keltner, Ph.D. shares how we can find the good life through our emotions.

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It’s about TIME…or is it? Time management, time management, time management. We hear advice, tips, and tricks about time management all the time. After all, what do we have in this lifetime to spend if not time? We need to spend our time wisely, but perhaps, the focus...

Why “Follow your Dream” May be Terrible Advice…

  ...And What to Do Instead  “Follow your dream!” We hear this well-meaning encouragement all the time. It’s meant to direct us to find that one passion that will help unfold a life of clear direction and occupational passion. I hear people stressing about it. “I...

Humility: The Forgotten Key to High Performance

When we picture the attributes of a high performer, we commonly think of words like confidence, influence, energy, and other associated ideas. But in all our excitement about these high-performance buzz-words, we may overlook foundational attributes that are just as...

How to Live on Purpose

Few things cause more anxiety than feeling like your life’s out of control.  We’ve all been there—frustrated, wondering if our countless hours of busywork are actually leading anywhere.  The feeling often arises when you realize that there are more things on your...

How to Crush Your Day

John Wooden was arguably the greatest coach in sports history.  His teams won an NCAA record, seven national basketball championships in a row, and ten national championships in a twelve-year period.  When people asked him how he was so successful, he often said it...

Pressure is a Privilege: The Science of being Clutch

We all know what it feels like—that churning you get in your stomach before an important performance. You may have felt it before a sports competition, in a new role at work, or during a high stakes test.  The truth is, we all have nerves and feel stress when we’re...

Positive Stress: Courage and Connection

"Just like me, this person knows what suffering feels like… Just like me this person wants to be of use in the world, but also knows what it’s like to fail. You don’t need to ask them if you are right. If they are human, you are right. All you need to do is choose to...

Habits: Use less Will Power and Rock your Life

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily." ~ John C. Maxwell   When Fall rolls around, much like New Year, I find myself doing a mini “reboot” of sorts. For me, as kids head back to school and all the tomfoolery of summer fades...