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Coping with COVID with Larry King

The world is facing unprecedented times: raging riots, divisive politics, and of course COVID-19. We are only six months into 2020 and we’ve certainly taken a turn into uncharted territory! With all of the information being tossed around, it can be difficult — and even overwhelming — to find the truth and cope with the new reality. Amid all the changes, stress, and uncertainty, however, one thing is for sure: the Positive Voices community is here for you.
To help you deal with the challenges of the coronavirus, we’re pleased to announce our new online series Coping with COVID. In this series, co-hosted by talk show legend Larry King and Positive Psychology specialist James Pawelski, we explore motivation, passion, stress, emotions, spirituality, and more to help you become your best quarantine self. We’ve worked tirelessly to conduct and compile these interviews, bringing leading researchers, scholars, psychologists, and other experts together to provide cutting-edge, science-based practical advice directly to your home. Our mission is simple: we want you to experience the benefits of well-being and learning how to cope with the current health crisis is the first step. In this series, you will learn how to better manage stress, increase positive emotions such as happiness, and perhaps even tap into your more spiritual side.

Featured in our eight episodes of Coping with COVID are many incredible guest speakers. Join us as Larry and James chat with the following experts:

  • Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, an expert on the science of happiness
  • Dr. Jane Dutton, an expert on Positive Organizational Scholarship
  • Dr. John Ratey, the world’s foremost authority on the brain-fitness connection
  • Dr. Judith Moskowitz, an expert on stress and coping
  • Dr. Ken Pargament, an expert on spirituality and well-being
  • Dr. Lea Waters, the foremost authority on strengths-based parenting
  • Dr. Bob Vallerand, an expert on motivation and passion

We’re excited to be launching Coping with COVID and hope that the tips and science we share will excite you too! Here’s to your thriving and here’s to coping.